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Micro-Fresh® – For Added Freshness

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Micro-Fresh® Benefits

Micro-Fresh® Technology is available in home furnishings to add freshness to bedding for a better sleep. Towels and textiles can be washed at lower temperatures giving an environmental benefit. And Micro-Fresh® can now be found in a range of bathroom products to reduce odours and promote freshness from damp bathmats and shower curtains.

Smelly children’s shoes are now a thing of the past due to Micro-Fresh® Technology being introduced as an internal part of manufacture. Outdoor workwear can now be impregnated to reduce odour build up and keep your wellies and workwear fresher for longer. Shirts, blouses and suits can now be as fresh after work as at the start-of-the-day for those long days at the office, on the construction site or at weddings or functions!

Enjoy your sports? Feel as fresh after the whole match as at the beginning with clothing incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology. When the race is run, you can enjoy the immediate after party frivolities without the ‘aromas’ that are part of aerobic sport! Micro-Fresh® Technology is available in sportswear for football, rugby, cycling and of course everyday gym classes! Look out for the Micro-Fresh® logo to stay protected all game long!

An Award-Winning Technology

National Innovation Award 2010

Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

Business Growth Award 2015

Sustainable Business Growth Finalist 2014

Best Pitch Award 2015

Micro-Fresh® are proud to be part of the global GREAT Britain Campaign, recognising British excellence in design, innovation and manufacturing.

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