Are you planning to host the whole family this Christmas but already feeling slightly anxious about making sure everyone is comfortable and relaxed? The festive season can require more planning and preparation than any other holiday, but we’ve got six simple ways to create a cosy and clean atmosphere that will make your overnight guests feel instantly at home.

    1. Make a good first impression

    Despite being the first area we walk into, the hallway can be a forgotten dumping ground for most busy households. Shoes are one of the main culprits and what could be worse than your guests being greeted by sweaty trainers or stinky school shoes? Invest in some functional storage to tuck footwear away, or even better, when looking for your new kicks, choose some with an added freshness agent to proactively tackle smells all year round.

    1. De-dog your living room

    No matter how much we love the furry members of our family, not all guests will appreciate that distinctive doggy smell. Clean all bedding and remember to give them a bath before any arrivals. Make your life even easier, and purchase a pet bed that has an added freshness agent, making it simple and easy to clean even at low temperatures while automatically banishing odours. A brand new bed can also deter them from using your guest room as their own personal space!

    1. Add luxury to an ensuite or bathroom

    Fresh, fluffy towels are always the mark of luxury in a hotel – so why not do the same for your guests? Consider a bold and festive colour to make a statement and reflect your personality. A clean and soft bath mat can be the ideal finishing touch.

    1. Create a cosy haven

    A fresh, clean and comfortable bed is the ultimate in comfort and cosiness. If you do nothing else to prepare your home, make sure you spend time creating a relaxing guest bedroom where you know your guests will have a great night sleep. Duvets and pillows that are anti-allergy or hypoallergenic can add an extra element of luxury. You can even make sure that little ones are catered for by investing in bedding that’s perfect for the most sensitive skin.

    1. Adding a festive scent

    The thought of Christmas might instantly conjure up memories of your home with a pine scent, or of mince pies baking in the oven. Scent is a fantastic way to compliment the freshness that we’ve already covered in fabrics and textiles throughout the home. Anything from essential oils to incense can make an impact, the second your guests step through the door.

    1. Treat them to a finishing touch

    Top off your hard work with a small gift to welcome your visitors and spread the festive spirit. Nothing is cosier than a new pair of fluffy slippers – just pop a pair at the end of your guest’s bed for an added treat.


    Micro-Fresh is an innovative British technology that blocks the growth of odour causing bacteria. It is widely used on products from gym wear and shoes to nursery bedding, duvets, towels, and bath mats.

    Micro-Fresh won’t wear out or wash out and, being hypo-allergenic, is suitable for the whole family. Originally developed in 2006, it is now used by over 50 major retailers and manufacturers around the world; keeping households not just fresh, but Micro-Fresh.

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