This is one of the most defining moments on the parenting timeline, the time has come for the 18 years’ worth of parenting you’ve done to come to fruition. Everything you’ve attempted to teach your son/daughter is about to come into practice! Will they remember to brush their teeth? To clean their dishes? To wash behind their ears?!

    What is for sure, your child is about to begin a huge new chapter in their lives and we’ve compiled a guide to preparing your son or daughter for life away from home!

    Student Bank Account

    If not already, make sure your son/daughter is all set up with a Student bank account. This doesn’t mean do all the work for them however! Your child needs to understand how their account works. If they need to apply for a student overdraft, do they know how to go about this? Are they comfortable with using their debit card and money transactions? Do they know how to set up a savings account if they are getting a part time job? These are all questions your son/daughter could face during their time away from home so it’s important you teach them!


    Let’s face it, it’s very likely they’re going to spend a lot of unnecessary money on take-outs, alcohol, pizza, alcohol, clothes and erm… alcohol! Whilst this is normal, everyone needs to have fun and socialise and nights and meals out are the perfect way to bond with friends, like everything there needs to be a balance! Try and sit down with your son or daughter and set out a weekly or monthly budget so they know how much money they should be spending on certain things. Hopefully, this means they actually have some cash to spend on the weekly food shop and not just a lot of cardboard pizza boxes to show from their student loan!

    Important Independent life skills

    This is a real important one, the likelihood is they’ve had it easy from chores such as ironing, washing, cooking, cleaning but now is the time that they’ll have to start thinking seriously about doing these jobs or they are going to be THAT flatmate. Make sure your son/daughter knows exactly what to do with regards to each job, hey who knows, maybe they’ll enjoy it so much they’ll start helping around the house!

    Making sure everything is bought in advance

    We’re thinking of doing a separate blog purely on ‘Essential University buys’ as there is so much to think about! For now, here are 10 simple items you may not have thought about yet; Mattress protector, extension lead, shower caddy, laundry bag, storage units, mattress topper, pillows, first aid kit, towels and kitchen utensils. Let us know if you want a breakdown with a full extensive list!!

    Be supportive and keeping in contact

    Whilst this is the time for our sons/daughters leaving the nest and becoming adults, that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever, there will be times they need to speak to you about something they may be struggling with or a problem they have, and it’s our job to be there whenever they need us and to help them through everything!





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