At first thought, you would expect the toilet seat or somewhere similar to be the place likely to contain the most germs in your home. The actual answer may be surprising – Towels!

    The reason for this bizarre fact is mainly down to towels retaining moisture for long periods of time, allowing harmful bacteria to spread rapidly. Towels are kept in the most germ-ridden areas of the house – a warm and damp environment, where they pick up numerous dead skin cells which are perfect food for microbes.

    What are the risks?

    Researchers claim that tea towels may be infected with bacteria that can cause food poisoning or sickness in 90% of cases. Additionally, towels can carry dangerous diseases like athlete’s foot, which can easily be passed to other family members.

    Is there a solution?

    According to doctors, the only way to get rid of harmful bacteria is washing at 900C…

    However, Micro-Fresh® Technology incorporated into towels at the point of manufacture prevents the growth of harmful germs in the first place, even at low wash temperatures, increasing the fluffy longevity of the towel and keeping bacteria at bay.

    The safety of yourself and your family should always be a priority. Products with incorporated Micro-Fresh® Technology are a great solution to protect you and your family from any harmful microorganisms. 

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