It’s a tough job choosing your child’s first school shoes – comfort, fit, ease of fastening, and of course, style. But, have you considered freshness? After running around all day, every day, school shoes can become a smelly surprise by the time Halloween arrives.

    Freshness is an important element of footwear and yet one that is often overlooked. Micro-Fresh® is an invisible freshness agent that banishes odours making it ideal when applied to shoes that face the wear and tear of the playground.

    Byron Dixon OBE, founder of Micro-Fresh, said: “In the back to school frenzy, choosing the right shoes can be particularly stressful. Not only do parents have to find a style that their child loves, but they need to be comfortable enough for all day wear and be kind on the wallet.

    “Despite school shoes often being one of the main smelly culprits sitting in the shoe cupboard, freshness can still be overlooked during the purchase process. I designed Micro-Fresh to make the choice simple for parents and kids.”

    Micro-Fresh was originally developed and crafted in 2006 to prevent the growth of mould on products in transit. Today, the brand is used on products from gym wear, to nursery bedding, towels, and bath mats by over 50 retailers.

    Micro-Fresh has a number of beneficial effects on fabrics; not only does it prevent pathogenic and odour causing bacteria, but it makes them hypoallergenic as part of the integral feeling of freshness. It also banishes bacteria when washed at 30 degrees, making it energy efficient and convenient for a busy household.

    Micro-Fresh works with global brands and retailers of children’s shoes including Kickers, Deichmann, Sainsbury’s, GeorgeF&F at Tesco, Next, and Matalan.


    school shoes with Micro-Fresh technology

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