The science behind Micro-Fresh® Technology

The Challenge

Products that harbour unpleasant odours are in the home, out and about, and on the go.

The Solution

We provide an innovative technology for enduring freshness that can last for the useful lifetime of the product.

Micro-Fresh® Technology

Easily Incorporated
Prevents Odours
Fresher Living
Withstands Washing
Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Award Winning

Proud to Be Different

Micro-Fresh® is discreetly incorporated into the product ensuring lifetime freshness. The product retains its original qualities with added freshness, thereby adding real value. At Micro-Fresh®, we care for the environment and the wellbeing of you and your family.

That is why our active ingredients are naturally occurring. It is free from restricted substances and SVHCs. The result is a Nano-free technology that is kind to the human skin and tough on harmful bacteria.

How Micro-Fresh® Works

The Challenge:

Odours can start to occur after a short period of time. Let’s take a work shirt, for example, once the odours start developing on the fibers, we begin to feel uncomfortable and can’t wait for the day to end! Quite a common problem, as much as we avoid owning up to the problem.

Even once the shirt is washed, odours will begin occurring quickly as perspiration is bound with the fibers, even after washing.

Constant wash cycles will affect the garment, and finally, it will be thrown away.

The Reasons:

Low wash temperatures cannot eliminate them from the garment, so they keep on multiplying and creating unpleasant odours in the garment.

The Solution:

Micro-Fresh® is an innovative and invisible technology which provides a resolution for your problem. Micro-Fresh® Technology prevents the growth of odour causing microorganisms, even at low wash temperatures. Therefore, the need to keep washing a garment to remove odours will be reduced, thus prolong the life of the garment.

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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