Getting into the ‘Back to School’ rhythm and routine can be a stressful transition for us all. There are so many things to worry about; uniform, washing, school supplies, getting the kids to school on time etc. One of our top tips to save yourself a bit of time and reduce the stress that ‘Back to School’ brings, is to meal prep your kid’s school lunches!

    If you’re not used to it, this may seem a daunting task at first, but meal prepping is a great way to give you an extra half an hour in the evenings or early mornings! Meal prepping also usually means more nutritious meals for your young ones! Giving a healthier fresher outlook for your family 🙂

    ‘Tasty Junior’ Facebook Page recently put out some great recipes of easy ‘Back To School Lunch Ideas‘ we really think you should give a go. We’ve provided two of their recipe examples below!

    Simply prep all meals on Sunday night, make it a weekly activity and you could even try and get the kids involved!

    Here’s a link to Tasty Juniors Facebook channel, which is a great place to find easy recipes to try and incorporate into your weekly meal prepping routine!





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