Back to school means one thing for parents – Stress. 

    We all know the struggle we have to go through when it comes to this time of year. There are about one thousand and one things to think about during this period and the thing we have our eye on most during this busy period is uniform!

    About this time every year, children in the masses complain to their mum and dad that they need new shoes for school despite owning several old pairs which is met with

    "But I need some new ones, those ones smell!" 

    The most annoying thing? That they’re probably right! The stench from the shoe rack has gotten particularly unbearable recently.

    Don’t fret however! This is one item that can be checked off the worry list if you purchase a pair of Micro-Fresh incorporated shoes! Micro-Fresh incorporated products have had our technology applied at the manufacturing stage which means harmful bacteria is prevented from spreading, making products fresher up to the lifetime of the product!

    You can find back to school shoes incorporated with Micro-Fresh technology at your favourite brands including – George, Next, Tesco, Kickers and Matalan!

    Check out this great article by The Manchester Evening News where they recommend pairs of Micro-Fresh incorporated school shoes from Tesco and Matalan.



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