The day is finally here. The long months of waiting have finally come to an end and the time has come to drop our sons/daughters off at their chosen University and let their new chapter begin. But what should you expect from the day? What should we do when we get there? How and when do we say goodbye?! We’ve provided you with a few tips to help you get through the chaotic day that is: University drop-off.

    Plan ahead of time

    Like most things, a little organisation and planning goes a long way to make things easier. Pack the car to the brim with everything your son/daughter will be taking to University the night before to save you a job in the morning. It could take a couple of times to fit everything in the car perfectly so this could be a huge time saver! Another thing you should think about is the route you’re going to take, the last thing you want is getting lost and not missing your move in slot.

    Be social but know when it’s time to leave

    Chat to the other parents who are moving their sons/daughters in, everyone is going through a similar process and talking to other parents will help you keep sane! There is likely going to be plenty of student volunteers at halls of residence to help out with unpacking the cars and moving heavy objects so make sure you take advantage. Whilst this is a massive deal for us as parents, it’s important to remember that really, this day is about them. Of course, we want to stay as long as possible and never let go, but it’s important that we allow our kids the space and time to socialise with their new flatmates and make new friends!

    Chaos/Saying goodbye

    Drop-off day is chaotic in design, you won’t really have any time to absorb in the reality of what’s happening. It’s hard to get the time or the right moment to say goodbye properly. Therefore, we suggest arranging a goodbye meal or family outing before the actual drop-off day. This way, you can say goodbye and have your soppy moment without the pressure of the drop-off day! Remember, this goodbye isn’t forever and the reality is – this is one of our finest parenting moments.

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