How long do you last? You’re on a night out, with a new pair of killer heels, trying to get the attention of your new drop dead gorgeous colleague! How long is it before you need to take them off? In the bar? Wait till the car? Or do you go with the safe option and carry a spare pair of flats in your clutch bag?

    Nothing can be more exhausting for women’s legs than an all-night party… And the need to have a million-dollar look often makes women wear shoes that are only comfortable to sit in.

    Good news! Retailers have now come up with the solution on how to have best of both worlds. They have improved the design of orthopaedic shoes so that every woman can be both – the style icon and Queen of the dancefloor.

    Debenhams ‘Good for Your Sole’ women’s shoe range, made the cut, who have added new features for extra comfort. 1. Wider heels – to stop you falling head over heels! 2. Memory foam cushioning for shock absorption so you can dance the night away and lastly, our personal favourite, Micro-Fresh® Technology.

    Why is it so valuable? Ever had to ditch a pair of shoes just because they smelt SO bad laying in your bedroom? We’re with you on that one! And it’s more painful when it’s your favourite pair! Micro-Fresh® Technology eliminates odours and keeps shoes fresh not just all night long, but for their lifetime! So, when it comes to eventually taking you shoes off, don’t let odours scare away your Prince Charming!  , these heels will allow you to dance non-stop for whole 4 hours! Not bad for orthopaedic shoes, huh?

    Life’s too short for uncomfortable shoes, and we believe, with the right pair of shoes a woman can run the world! The feeling of comfort and added freshness will make you much more confident and when it comes to chasing that hunk, you’ve had your eye on!

    Micro-Fresh® is an innovative technology designed to give long lasting freshness to footwear, homeware, and a variety of other products.

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