About Us

    Our mission is your healthy lifestyle choice
    Micro-Fresh® is award-winning technology
    designed to give long lasting freshness to homeware, footwear and a variety of other products.

    For Everyone

    Expertly developed and crafted in the UK, Micro-Fresh® is a brand that you can trust
    Maintains freshness over 99% beyond 50 washes
    Effective washing now achieved at low temperatures of 30⁰C

    Gentle on skin including babies’ delicate skin

    Low-temperature washing means reduced energy                        and carbon footprint

    With this nature’s own technology, you can be sure that you are taking good care of your family and fill your home with long-lasting freshness.

    Micro-Fresh® Technology gives your products a marketing edge. To stand out from the crowd and differentiate your brand from your competitors, we give your products a USP to promote fresher living.

    For Companies

    Effective for the useful lifetime of the product
    Free from restricted substances and SVHCs
    OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved in all 4 classes I-IV
    Certified DMF free

    Successfully incorporated into kids’ footwear for                          over 9 years

    European BPR Registered

    About Micro-Fresh®

    Micro-Fresh® was originally developed and crafted in 2006 to prevent the growth of mould on products in transit from the far corners of the world. Micro-Fresh® also has additional properties that prevent odour causing and pathogenic bacteria. 

    Today, the brand is used as an ‘added value’ by over 50 retailers. It now serves as the ‘go to’ brand for innovation-conscious retailers that want to incorporate freshness into their products.

    We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to offer you the best in freshness using natural solutions. Our technology offers you the opportunity to live a fresh, odour-free life on the go 24/7.

    As a constantly innovative company, Micro-Fresh® is in collaboration with Aston University to take advantage of recent scientific breakthroughs to ensure the technology gives the best of results. 

    With our headquarters in the UK, we offer the benefits of our technology all over the world with offices in China, India, Portugal, Vietnam, Singapore and the USA.

    In 2010, we won our first major award: The National Award for Innovation, sponsored by Cisco Systems Inc. 

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